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The Mesopotamian Trilogy - Out of the searing heat and sandstorms of the infamous summer of 2003 in Baghdad comes The Witch of Babylon, a gripping story rooted in ancient Assyrian lore and its little-known but profound significance for the world.
Solve Babylon Squares



Each book can be enjoyed on its own
The Angel of Eden by D.J. McIntosh

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Sceptics believe Bible stories are simply allegories. But we know the Bible also describes actual historic figures and events. What is the truth about the Garden of Eden? Was it a real location or a mythical paradise? Find the answer in The Angel of Eden.

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The Book of Stolen Tales by D.J. McIntosh The Witch of Babylon by D.J. McIntosh
D.J. Mcintosh
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About D.J. McIntosh

D.J. (Dorothy) McIntosh is a Toronto based writer of novels and short mystery fiction. She is a member of the Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies and a strong supporter of the Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders.
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Antiquities in Peril
This exquisite bas-relief, “Lioness Killing a Nubian in a Meadow of Lotus and Papyrus” is a very skilfully rendered, natural image made of wood overlaid with ivory and gold. It was looted from the Iraq National Museum and is still missing. › The Looting of Baghdad

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